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《人民不會忘記》一書 全文上網



由64名曾採訪北京民運的香港記者撰寫的《人民不會忘記》,今天 (2010年6月3日) 全書400,000字上網,讓人民、尤其是年輕一代永遠不會忘記1989年中國民運歷史。

本書出版後,瞬即售罄,重印又重印,至1989年12月又出版了增訂版,銷售總數超逾50,000本。去年「六四」二十周年重新再印發18,000 本,除部分派送予全港中學和青年中心,其餘差不多售清,只剩餘小量印本,將於今年六四燭光晚會發售。




 新聞稿: [PDF檔]


In a bid to keep the knowledge of China’s June 4 pro-democratic movement in 1989 alive and sustained, the Editorial Committee of the book People Will Not Forget announces today (3 June 2010) that the 400,000-character first-hand journalistic account goes online.

The book People Will Not Forget was written and compiled by a group of 64 Hong Kong reporters who have covered the pro-democratic movement in China in 1989.  It gives a first-hand account from various perspectives of the movement that ended with the military crackdown at and around Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989

It was first published at the end of July 1989, less than two months after the crackdown. Though working for different media organizations in Hong Kong then, 64 journalists held out the same hope of telling the truth, setting the record straight.
Twenty-one years on, about 68,000 copies of the books have been printed, mostly sold and some distributed to secondary schools and youth centres.  The remaining stock will be sold at the Candlelight Vigil on June 4 evening at the Victoria Park, Hong Kong.

The Editorial Committee of the book now puts the journalistic report online in a bid to reach out to society at large, especially to the younger generation who are not aware of this part of China’s history.  This is especially important as the younger generation is used to search information and build knowledge online.  It’s also a fitting move in view of the current secondary school curriculum reform which puts emphases on social awareness and understanding the history of China.

Proceeds of the book have been put into the People Will Not Forget Fund, managed by the Hong Kong Journalist Association (HKJA), which is aimed at promoting press and publication freedom in China and Hong Kong.


Issued by the Editorial Committee of People Will Not Forget
Press Release: [ pdf ] 

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