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Press Release

When Marathon Meets the Blue Ribbon

「反滅聲行動」第一炮  -  當渣馬遇上藍絲帶

Talk show host Li Wai-ling was fired unreasonably by the Commercial Radio while the sudden change of chief editor at Ming Pao without cause heralds the elimination of diversified voices viewed with disfavour by the authorities in Hong Kong.  The Hong Kong Journalists Association allied with friends related to the news industry who treasure freedom of expression are determined to launch a campaign against such suppression of dissenting voices.  The first punch will be delivered at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon on Sunday.  We will distribute blue ribbons – symbolizing support for freedom of expression -- for the runners to pin on their sportswear. We hope this message of support for freedom of expression will also run around to different corners of our society with the run of the freedom lovers.
“When Marathon Meets the Blue Ribbon” is one of the actions of the Anti-Elimination–of-Voices.  We’ll show the authoritarians that we will blow it up when asked to remain silent.
Hong Kong Journalists Association
14th Feb, 2014


商業電台即時解僱李慧玲事件和《明報》無故撤換總編輯,連串事件令人感到有人要滅聲 -- 滅掉不中聽的聲音,香港記者協會聯合一批重視言論自由的新聞界相關朋友,展開「反滅聲行動」。第一炮會在星期日(16日)「渣打香港馬拉松2014」現場派發象徵言論自由的藍絲帶,期望追求自由的跑手會別上藍絲帶,讓支持言論自由的信息隨著跑手的腳步傳到社會各個角落。
Blue Ribbon Photos: 
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