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HKJA Strongly Condemns False Accusation of RTHK Journalist

A rumour is circulating on the Internet the RTHK journalist who was attacked previously is involved in the Occupy Movement in Mongkok. This same reporter is also accused of asking an offensive question of Blue Ribbon participants. HKJA strongly condemns such deliberate slander and false accusations. These allegations are both malicious and shameful.

When the RTHK journalist was covering a rally of “Blue Ribbon” Movement in Tsim Sha Tsui on 25 October, she was surrounded by the participants who tried to forcibly take away her press card and rucksack. Falling down, she was kicked in the waist and legs. She then reported to the police and went to the hospital for examination. 
Not long ago, an accusation started to spread on the Internet that she was a supporter of Occupy Mong Kok and that she allegedly asked an offensive question of how much the people were paid to attend the rally when she was covering a rally by “Blue Ribbon” Movement.
RTHK’s spokesperson has clarified that the journalist was responsible for recording the Blue Ribbon rally did not interview any person and that the rumour of her being one of the interviewers who took part in “Occupy Mong Kok” was false.
HKJA has since received over 60 emails complaining about the journalist.  Some of the emails were couched in identical language. These allegations amount to deliberate slander and are both malicious and shameful. This is intolerant behavior that has no place in a civilised society. HKJA demands that members of the public indulging in such slanderous action should desist forthwith. 
Since the Occupy Movement was launched there have been numerous pieces of false as well as true news spreading on the Internet, to confuse the people. For instance, the identity of Mr. Arthur Shek, the Associate Publisher of Hong Kong Economic Times, was stolen and used to release an article online. HKJA urges various sectors to be rational when analysing information received.  
HKJA reiterates that the public should not vent their frustration on journalists and media organisations. There have been malicious acts such as Next Media’s office entrances being blocked and journalists being harassed. HKJA yesterday also received repeated abusive calls. HKJA urges those members of the public who are not happy with any media organisation to be rational and make their complaints via the proper channel. Please stop the harassing behaviour.
Hong Kong Journalists Association
28 October 2014
28/10/2014 17:56   updated more
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