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Press Release



For immediate release 2 May 2016  

450 people attend the ‘Bringing Back Gutsy Journalists 5.2 Rally’, jointly upholding Press Freedom in Hong Kong

The media industry and the society are deeply shocked and disturbed by the sudden dismissal of Ming Pao’s Executive Chief Editor Keung Kwok-yuen. 450 journalists and members of the society participated the ‘Bringing Back Gutsy Journalists 5.2 Rally’, which took place outside Ming Pao’s office, jointly condemn the management of Ming Pao.

The rally co-organised by 8 news unions, namely Hong Kong Journalists Association, Hong Kong Press Photographers’ Association, Independent Commentators Association, Journalism Educators for Press Freedom, International Federation of Journalists, The Foreign Correspondents’ Club Hong Kong, RTHK Programme Staff Union and Next Media Trade Union, to throw their weight behind fellow journalists in Ming Pao.

All the participants wear black or white, holding a piece of ginger, which represents ‘guts’ and pronounced in the same way with ‘Kuen’ in Cantonese. 

Ms Sham Yee-lan, in an open letter to Ming Pao management, urged for an explanation of Keung’s dismissal; and revoke the decision to dismiss Keung and instead replace Chong Tien Siong in order to restore confidence of Ming Pao’s staff.  She also urged the management to establish a communication platform with its staff to discuss other cost cutting method. A Mr Fung from Ming Pao management received the letter after the rally.

Phyllis Tsang of Ming Pao Staff Association choked with sobs when she told the audience how sad Ming Pao colleagues felt when they heard of the dismissal of Keung, not only because of their personal affection to Keung but also of worries that Ming Pao will no longer be an outspoken and critical media organization.

Other speakers at the rally were Ching Chong of Independent Commentators Association, Lam Ching-kit of Journalism Educators for Press Freedom, former publisher of Ming Pao, Margaret Ng, and Ip Kin-yeun, vice president of Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union.



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