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HKJA's "Visit of Ocean Park" 「海洋公園 新春一日遊」

Happy New Year!  It’s time to having fun together at the beginning of 2009!  Your union will organize a visit of Ocean Park on 7th Feb, 2009. Please join us for fun!
新年快樂!記協將於200927日舉辦 海洋公園 新春一日遊,邀請各位行家團拜兼同樂!
      Activity    活動:               Visit of Ocean Park 海洋公園新春一日遊
      Date        日期:               7 February 2009 (Saturday)
      Time        時間:               11:00am
      Venue      地點:               Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Hong Kong 香港海洋公園
      Assembly place & time     Will be further noticed after enrolled
      集合地點及時間:                 報名後另行通知
Rundown 參觀行程
11:00am - 12:30pm
 Animal Ed-Venture tour presented by Ocean Park
12:30pm - 2:00pm
2:00pm- 6:00pm
 Enjoy yourself or with your family and friends in Ocean Park 
Fees 費用                                
HKJA Members 會員

Non-HKJA members
(Must be applied together with HKJA members需與記協會員一同報名)
$100 Per head
$130 Per head
Fee of Ocean Park admission ticket, lunch & bus service from Admiralty/ Kowloon Tong inclusive 費用包括海洋公園一天門票費用、午餐及專車由金鐘/ 九龍塘出發
● Each HKJA member can enroll together for a maximum of two non-members
● 每位會員可為最多兩位非會員報名參加
Quota 名額
Language 語言
  Ocean Park’s presentation: English supplement with Cantonese
Enrolment Deadline
  First-come, first-served
To enroll 報名:
  Please enroll either by email to or fax in your enrolment form to: 2572 7329
  有意報名者,可選擇電郵登記或傳真報名表格至2572 7329
Enquiries 查詢
 Tel電話: 2591 0081  
Payment 付款方式
Participants are obliged to settle activity payment after receiving the confirmation letter/ phone call. 請於收到確認通知後繳交有關費用。
1.      Cash 現金 :
Pay in-person at HKJA office.
2.      Transfer 轉賬 :
Deposit the required amount to HKJA HSBC account 002-4-228298 “Hong Kong Journalists Association.” and fax the receipt to HKJA office at 2572 7329.
請將金額存入香港記者協會香港匯豐銀行戶口002-4-228298「香港記者協會」並將收據傳真至2572 7329
3.      Cross Cheque 劃線支票 :
    Payable to "Hong Kong Journalists Association."
Remarks 備註:
    Participants will receive a confirmation letter via email or phone call at least 3 days prior to the activity. Participants are obliged to settle activity payment after receiving the confirmation letter/ phone call.

               Enrolment Form  報名表格
Member's Name 會員姓名:____________         

Phone No.
Organization 機構:____________       

Please fill in the following if you apply together with other non-member(s):


Name(s) of non-member applicant 

非會員姓名: 1._____________   2._______________
報名者,可電郵至 或傳真至 2572-7329 登記
(please email or fax the slip to or 2572-7329)
21/01/2009 17:43:00   updated more
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